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Commercial Diving And Underwater Services

Underwater Services are a trading division of the Titanium UK Group.

Underwater Services have a well established reputation within the commercial diving industry with zero accidents or incidents to date. Serving the entire UK from our network of strategically placed depot's. We offer years of commercial diving experience with a fast response service to the UK's coastal and inshore inland waterways.

Underwater Services provide Health And Safety Executive compliant commercial divers to industry both inshore and offshore within the private and Government sectors. Our commercial divers have a vast range of experience in salvage, demolition, underwater construction, surveys and marine engineering throughout the UK's ports, docks, harbours and inland waterways.

Each underwater inspection is filmed from the divers hat using the latest digital CCTV equipment allowing us to provide detailed reports to each clients specific requests backed by hard copies on DVD for later viewing.

Underwater Services are one of the UK's leading safety boat companies providing rescue boat hire and safety boat services on both tidal and non tidal rivers and waterways throughout the UK.

We are fully insured for all operations and operate under strict ACOP's

We believe every job can be done safely and in a controlled and environmentally friendly  manner

Our commercial diving services include:

24hr Emergency call out divers 7 days per week

Underwater construction, demolition and maintenance

Professional diver crewing

Hull and propeller cleaning and inspection

Underwater surveys of submerged concrete, steel and timber structures

Lloyds, DNV and ABS in water ship surveys (IWS)

Underwater explosives, Cardox

Ultrasonic thickness testing and non destructive testing NDT 3.1u, 3.2u, 3.4u

Environmental surveys, sampling and testing

Underwater digital photography and CCTV video

Underwater hydraulic tools

Underwater inspection and repair services

Wet welding and oxy arc cutting using Broco or thermic lance

Safety and rescue boat hire services

Work boat hire

Barge and work vessel services

Enclosed space access services

Diver assisted dredging and air lifting

ROV assistance

Offshore services

Weir inspection, repair and maintenance

Lock inspection, repair and maintenance

Storage tank inspection, repair and maintenace

For further details on our underwater services please contact Underwater Services